World's 1st Smart connected device for preventive camping

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First smart device to ensure protection & prevention for campers & outdoorsman.


Grants you the ability to control, visualize and manage your environment with the simple touch of a button.


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Inside the Owl

This smart solar battery powered device connects to your mobile phone while alerting you of your surroundings. Our special technology allows you to prevent all  potential hazards by SMS, email notifications as well as alarms and LED lights. CAMP/y offers total surveillance in order for you to enjoy outdoors experiences.


CAMP/y allows you to connect to 5 campers at a time with a local wifi connection by generating is own WIFI signal. CAMP/y also allows you to stay organize by assigning roles to each member and communicate with them in middle of no here.


CAMP/y is connected to a solar charged battery and give signal to your phone. Download the CAMP/y app (Cayenne) and use it to get in touch with your environement.


  • Body Heat sensor for unwanted guests
  • Thermal technology to detect wild animals
  • Detects Gas leaks (propane, butane, CO)
  • Water exposure prevention
  • Air Quality level 
  • Temperature & humidity detection
  • Alarm system
  • Bluetooth controlled LED's
  • GPS tracking device
  • Mosquito repellent (3 ft radius)
  • Group option feature for better organization